What should I expect

from a session?

 Each practitioner has an individual style. The session will begin with the practitioner enquiring as to what you would like assistance with. The session will include an intuitive scan, belief testing and healing. It will involve muscle testing to confirm deeply held beliefs and release techniques.

Kinesiology &

Touch for Health

 Kinesiology is a system of muscle monitoring and body testing.  Kinesiology allows the practitioner to test for allergies.  It can also identify any body blockages to a person's overall well-being. Touch for Health is an international system  based on kinesiology.


Using this system, the practitioner is able to balance the body's meridian pathways by identifying the associating organs and managing the body's acupressure points.  Balanced meridian points and clearing of blockages, can reduce pain, stress and enhance neural and sensory performance. 

Harmony Healing

Harmony healing uses a meditative state combined with kinesiology to access subconscious blocks and bring freedom. Clients may attain release in areas such as wealth, relationships, career, self esteem and health. It can be used to address a wide range of emotional and physical issues by reprogramming limiting beliefs.

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