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Masters in Education, Myers Briggs Personality Type facilitator & qualified Career Coach

"Oh Baby, Baby, it's a Wild World" by Cat Stephens was playing on the radio.  I was sitting on the deck of my beautiful home.  The line "You wanna start something new" hit me.  I had just been made redundant, was transitioning from a relationship and found myself questioning my life, my values and beliefs.  I embarked on a journey of change and healing.  That was in my twenties.  Decades later as an author, teacher, artist and world traveler, I have experienced insight and healing that has transformed the way I live and think.  today I live by the sea, enjoy paddle boarding with my dog, am healthy and surrounded by fun meaningful relationships.  I love my work.   I believe we all bring gifts of service to this life.  The journey of a thousand steps often starts with one phone call.

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Skype: susannemorning_2

Phone: +64 27 3377988

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